Christine is a true professional with endless talent. She was part of my band on occasions and I would have her back in a heart beat if I ever start to tour again. I recommend her to anyone wanting live or tracked bass. She’s an amazing human as a bonus.

Dianna Corcoran

Christine is a wonderful teacher. I’d been playing bass with varying degrees of success for years, but still had several issues with getting the instrument to sound good. Christine was able to see from the first session several areas where I had weaknesses, and teach me the proper techniques and process to practice them. My bass playing has improved drastically, and it’s clearly all from Christine’s excellent direction.

Breck Alan, The Art of Body Singing

Working with Christine was great! As an audio engineer it’s always a blessing to work with a musician that can play a great bass line that fits musically with the rest of the track. All of the bass parts Christine played were well thought out, fit perfectly, and required ZERO editing. Christine didn’t need any micro managing from me and over the course of a 13 song album I didn’t have a single suggestion for any bass parts that could fit the songs better. Hire Christine. Your bass tracks will thank you.

Max Garceau, The Songwriter Shelter

Christine was fantastic to work with. Not only was she an amazingly great player, she also was able to capture the spirit and emotion behind the songs we recorded for our EP. Our project was infinitely better for having her on it. We’d work with her again in a heartbeat.

The Broken Fits

Christine Moad is one of the most talented bassists I’ve ever met. I have yet to see her come across a song or style that she not only understands, but can play it like she’s been playing it for years. Her playing is not just holding it down, it elevates the music to a whole new place.

Kyle Edmonston

Christine is a great bassist. She shows up with a positive attitude and is a wonderful person to be on the road with. I’d love to work with her much more in the future.

Liz Lawrence

I have had the great privilege of making music with Christine for three years. Her professionalism is truly unparalleled. She brings creativity and skill set to each rehearsal, gig and recording session, ensuring that the artist’s vision is fully met. Christine is the very best one can hope for when putting together an ensemble. She raises the standard of each project she is involved in. She is a soulful bass player who always plays with incredible respect to the genres she is playing in. As a band that plays everything from 60s soul to folk and roots music, Christine’s ability to cross borders stylistically and with finesse was a huge help.

Georgia English

Christine handled complex original music beautifully, she was always prepared and walked in with a smile on her face. She’s reasonable and professional, I would recommend her for stage and studio work.

Michael Fabrizio, Fabrizio and the Fever

Christine is a powerhouse on bass guitar. Her chops are solid and derived from all the masters, all with her own signature tone. In all the projects I’ve produced and engineered, those she played on are unmistakable and pronounced. She comes to every session prepared, works quick but never rushes, and brings a great vibe.

Brett Ryan Stewart, WireBird Productions

Christine is always a pleasure to work with. She brings a great level of skill & professionalism in her bass playing duties for live shows & recording sessions. We will not hesitate to work with her again as opportunities arise.

Rick Hammond, The Reverent Cavaliers