Christine is an amazing bass player and a good friend. I hired her to play on my album, and I’m so happy with how everything turned out. We had a great time rehearsing and recording, and Christine played like the pro she is! As a songwriter, I often don’t give bass parts a second thought, so it was so cool to hear my songs come alive in a way I couldn’t have done on my own.

Brad Owens

Christine is great to work with! We have been hiring her for our bands for the past several years and have been very pleased with her work ethic and preparation for our shows!

Anna Harwood, 12 South Band

We’ve really enjoyed having Christine in our band. She’s responsible, responsive, prepared and a fun addition to the band. She sounds great (important) and is a pleasure to have on the road. Her bass playing was great for this project because the music we play is all about the pocket. She was able to find it and hang out there – groove. I believe less is more and Christine knows how to strike that balance. We would recommend her for other projects!

Amy Black

Christine is a pro. I only provided rough lyric & chord charts and she picked right up on it and kept the session going. She plays well and has a great attitude. Plus she sings well too so she saved me the hassle of hiring another vocalist!

Wendell Wells

Christine is one of the most gifted bassists and musicians with whom I’ve ever had the privilege of playing music. She not only learned my material thoroughly, but added her own personal flare to it, and it sincerely added to my sound. Her knowledge and experience is inspiring, and I am grateful that I’ve worked with her. She is a true creative-type, and very professional. I will continue to hire her as long as I’m playing on this earth.

Eric Paul

I was fortunate to have Christine playing electric bass in the all women jazz quartet I put together, to record my second album, that was released in 2013 in Slovakia. Christine is a great team player, beautiful person. Serious, learn quickly and work hard. Reliable. Always smiling and fun. Most of all very talented, have very nice sound and great rhythm.

Ludmila Stefanikova

Christine is always prepared for rehearsal, has her gear ready to go, and is a great hang on the road.

Ben Elkins, ELEL

Christine played on my full-length album “Trust Your Bike,” and I could not be happier with her work. She was present and active in the entire process. Her steady groove, thoughtful input, and dedication to the project really brought songs to life. It was wildly fun making music with Christine, I would have her again in a heartbeat.

Amy Hoffman

Christine is so professional and amazing at what she does! I loved having her out on the road and her BGVs are incredible. It’s so nice to have a bassist who can sing the high harmonies!

Kalie Shorr

Christine is a true professional and incredible bassist. Her style is tasteful and she has added so much to my music through the years, with both live performances and also studio recordings. She always shows up prepared and is a joy to work with!

Fawn Larson